Last four matches of 2022

After the first win of the new season last week, it’s now time to look a bit forward and see what we can achieve still this year to have a good start of 2023.

We have four matches left:

  • vs FC Credit Suisse on Oct 14th
  • vs ZΓΌrich-Gruppe on Oct 22nd
  • vs FC UBS AG on Oct 28th
  • vs FC Siemens Schweiz on Nov 7th

Checking the table, it seems that one match will be very hard and three will be “easier”.

4 more matches in 2022

Let’s check the opponents one by one.

FC Credit Suisse: they are second last in the group, they had 2 draws and 2 lost matches, but all their games were very close (-2 as goal difference). But we need to remember the game we played with them in April, when they were last in the group and still we were beaten very badly, 0-4. So this will be a very hard match for sure!

ZΓΌrich-Gruppe: if you just look at their position (7 out of 10), they seem to be a weak team, but they only played 3 matches while most teams played 5. They have 1 win and 2 draws, so they are unbeaten so far. Last time also in April, we were leading against them, but the end result was 1-4. They are the champions of the last season. Another tough game ahead of us!

FC UBS AG: the leaders of the group, winning 4 out of 5 matches, scoring a lot of goals, but also conceding quite a few. On the other hand, last time we played, we won 3-2 against them. Will we have a good chance this time as well?

FC Siemens Schweiz: they are the last in the group, 1 draw, 3 losses, scoring once per game, conceding three times on average. It’s hard to forget the last game we played, the closing game of the previous season when we won 5:3 with 10 players. Last year, they were 9th when we were 10th. Chance?

It would be great to take advantage of the win and the good mood we have, and play good matches against these teams. Optimistically, we could potentially win 2 games and maybe also secure a draw, finishing the half season with 10 points. Sounds like a plan? Let’s go for it!






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