FC VBZ vs FC Siemens Schweiz 3-5

Yesterday’s match was not bad. The result is, but the way how we played and the energy we put into the game was very promising for the future. Good team spirit, helping each other out, keeping the formation and the tactics, we looked like a team.

Laszlo started instead of Peter as LB while Andries was RB.

What is also very positive, is that after a long time, our second half was even, not like before when we were always conceding multiple goals due to fatigue.

Match report:


This is how to pay the membership fee

Usually, we are quite late with paying in the membership fee (250 CHF per year). Why? We forget, we are sad because of the defeats, or we need to get a mortgage to have enough liquidity. OK, mainly it’s the first reason.

Below you can find the necessary details to pay in the membership fee for FC VBZ.

  • Account: 80-151-4
  • IBAN: CH34 0070 0110 0028 4365 1
  • Payment for: Fussballclub Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich, 8048 Zürich
  • Reason: add your name, nice wishes, etc.

FC VBZ vs FC ZKB 0-5

Not nice, but it’s okay. We continue figthing.

Match report:


SC Dow CH vs FC VBZ 2-1

We started with 10 players and finished with 9.

Match report:


FC VBZ vs FC Sporting VBAU 93 3-1

Finally, a victory! And what a victory! If I remember well, this was our first win for almost two years (3-0), and a nice revenge on Sporting after last year’s defeat (1-8).

Our team was strengthened by a couple of new players, and because of the good mixture of various people, we successfully defeated the opponent team.

Hopefully, this is just one of the many upcoming wins this season. Go, FC VBZ!

Match report: FC VBZ vs FC Sporting VBAU 93 (SFFS Senior) 3-1


FC Kuma 1975 vs FC VBZ 4-2

Yesterday, we played our first league match in the season (last match was in the cup). It wasn’t easy to have the team together (we were 13), and due to 2 injuries, we again ended up in a situation not having a chance to change anything.

A few things to mention:

  • Fitim played as a goalkeeper, for the first time, mainly due to being injured. Compared to that, he was doing very well.
  • Defense was not as good as last time. We had a few changes (early injury) which resulted in general instability.
  • Midfield was very hectic. Many attacks of Kuma were stopped quite well there, but in many cases they were simple overrunning us. Attacks similarly – the two goals were played brilliantly (runners from the midfield, no offside), but we lost too many balls.
  • Attack was better than last time, but Pschemek didn’t receive too many passes, we couldn’t use his speed and skills.

It’s worth to mention that Kuma played after a recent tragedy: they lost one of their players during the last match. RIP, Aycan!

A short clip from the match

Match report: FC Kuma 1975 vs FC VBZ (SFFS Senior) 4-2


Starting XI today

Today we will play against FC Kuma 1975 in Juchhof 1.

Fitim – Rudi, Janos, Peter, Laszlo – Tobi J, Adam, Yemi, Tobi B – Labi – Pschemek


FC Credit Suisse vs FC VBZ (cup) 2-0

Last Friday, we had the first match of the new season. It wasn’t easy to have the full team, even a few days before the game, we were not even 11. At the end, we managed to get even substitute players, which was quite useful as we had a few injuries during the game. Some new players joined us just recently, so they debuted during this match. Welcome to the team, Andries, Artem, Attila, Mirko, and Sebastian!

And then a few words about the game:

  • Stan was our goalkeeper, and during the whole match he played like a superstar. Without him, it could have been at least 10 or more for CS.
  • Even though the opponent team had a lot of chances, our defense was quite good. We managed to stop many of their attacks, we moved together well, communicated a lot, helped each other out. Andries, in the middle of the defensive line, led the defenders very well, Artem was also very active as a left back. Attila was strong and made some good saves, even though he was not playing for a year. I (Laszlo) injured myself in the middle of the first half, so I went off the pitch quite soon.
  • Our midfield was compact, especially in the first half. It was good idea to have Peter and Yemi as defensive midfielders, they were able to stop some attacks and also hold the ball. Our wingers were a bit stretched as they had to come back a lot, still, they were also doing well. Xhelal played well, he had also a big chance at 0-0. Mike was a bit out of the game and tired, but he will be better.
  • Our substitutes also played well, Rudi was good at the back, Mirko also injured himself like me, Zoltan was dangerous with a few shots.

Overall, we were very happy to start with such a strong performance, even though we were (again) defeated. We will be better!

Starting eleven and tactics
A short clip from the match

Match report: FC Credit Suisse vs FC VBZ (SFFS Senior Cup) 2-0


Matches in the first half of 2021/22

Here are all the matches which are scheduled for the autumn season:

  • August 27th (Friday) 19:30 – FC Credit Suisse vs FC VBZ (cup) – Eichrain
  • September 6th (Monday) 19:30 – FC Kuma 1975 vs FC VBZ – Juchhof 1
  • September 10th (Friday) 20:00 – FC VBZ vs FC Credit Suisse – Sonnenberg
  • September 25th (Saturday) 10:00 – Zürich-Gruppe vs FC VBZ – Allmend Brunau
  • October 1st (Friday) 20:00 – FC VBZ vs FC Sporting VBAU 93 – Sonnenberg
  • October 9th (Saturday) 10:15 – SC Dow CH vs FC VBZ – Horgen
  • October 15th (Friday) 20:00 – FC VBZ vs FC ZKB – Sonnenberg
  • October 22nd (Friday) 20:00 – FC UBS AG vs FC VBZ – Milandia
  • November 5th (Friday) 20:00 – FC VBZ vs FC Siemens Schweiz – Sonnenberg


FC Siemens Schweiz – FC VBZ 7-3

Yesterday we had the last match of this season, this mini-series. First match was canceled due to the opponent, then second match was canceled because of us, and now the third and last match was against Siemens.

The preparation was not good. We struggled (again) to have enough players with a lot of uncertainty even just a day before the match. We had to bring in new signings very quickly without even knowing their names and faces.

Most of us arrived to Juchhof 2 on time. Monday was a hot day, but big clouds started to come as we approached kick-off time. Just half an hour before the starting whistle, there was a huge shower and also ice was falling from the sky. The wind was cold and strong, coming from the side of the pitch. Good conditions, eh? Anyway, the artificial grass is wet also for the opponent, isn’t it?

The first half was more or less OK. We had some big chances, but missed most of them. Siemens side was not strong, so we managed to only concede once, and afterwards we could also equalize before the half time. Before that happened, Denes, who was in the goal, asked for a substitution as his knee was hurting (he broke his ACL last year).

The second half was as usual. We were running out of air, and the lack of stamina combined with the lack of team play & tactics resulted in a quite bad result. Siemens scored various goals, long-range, short-range, penalty, it was quite humiliating especially as they are not a super strong team. We also managed to score two more times, but overall we missed at least 5-6 big chances.

FC Siemens Schweiz vs FC VBZ: 7-3 (1-1) – match report

What’s next? We need to continue building this team, signing new players and then starting to form them into a team. We need to have players who are tactically disciplined and also have enough lungs for the whole match. But for now, we will start the summer break (still with trainings, hopefully).