FC VBZ – Football Club Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich

  • SC Sika vs FC VBZ 1-1

    Last match of the season! Yesterday, we played against Sika to finish this campaign, where we played much better than in the recent years. It was a good match, Sika took the lead in the first half that Ryan equalized in the second half after playing as a substitute. Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909630

  • FC VBZ vs FC Kuma 1975

    What a nice victory! After a calm first half with no goals, we scored 4 goals in the second half. Well done, guys! One more match in the season! Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909584

  • FC UBS AG vs FC VBZ 7-3

    Another defeat, but we keep fighting in the remaining matches to secure a podium finish. It was a good match yesterday, we scored three times (Marco with a brace), we had also some good chances. The worst part was not the scored, but the weather – cold & rainy. Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909586

  • FC VBZ vs SC Dow CH 4-2

    What a great match! We played very well, got the lead, then the opponent scored twice, but we turned the game around once again. As Humberto wrote: “Fortunately we collectively were switched on enough of the time. Good job on that. This, along with the usual hustle/effort and supporting each other allowed us to pull…

  • FC Sporting VBAU 93 vs FC VBZ 1-1

    We tried out a new tactic yesterday, and it worked pretty well. 1-1 is not a bad result! Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909564

  • FC VBZ vs Zürich-Gruppe 3-6

    The result reminds of me something else, but unfortunately another lost match. Good effort, but it was still not enough to win. We continue with three matches in May, let’s hope we can win all of those! 3-6 – England vs Hungary & FC VBZ vs Zürich-Gruppe Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909566

  • FC Siemens Schweiz vs FC VBZ 3-2

    Good match, but unfortunately we still lost… Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909571

  • FC VBZ vs FC ZKB 3-1

    What a great match to start the spring season! Even though we were down to 10 men after a weird red card, we still controlled the match and won it brilliantly. Well done, guys! Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909576

  • FC VBZ vs Team Effretikon/Kempttal 2-3

    We had the first training match last Friday. It was a good game, and the first league game is coming soon! Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=726595