FC Siemens Schweiz – FC VBZ 7-3

Yesterday we had the last match of this season, this mini-series. First match was canceled due to the opponent, then second match was canceled because of us, and now the third and last match was against Siemens.

The preparation was not good. We struggled (again) to have enough players with a lot of uncertainty even just a day before the match. We had to bring in new signings very quickly without even knowing their names and faces.

Most of us arrived to Juchhof 2 on time. Monday was a hot day, but big clouds started to come as we approached kick-off time. Just half an hour before the starting whistle, there was a huge shower and also ice was falling from the sky. The wind was cold and strong, coming from the side of the pitch. Good conditions, eh? Anyway, the artificial grass is wet also for the opponent, isn’t it?

The first half was more or less OK. We had some big chances, but missed most of them. Siemens side was not strong, so we managed to only concede once, and afterwards we could also equalize before the half time. Before that happened, Denes, who was in the goal, asked for a substitution as his knee was hurting (he broke his ACL last year).

The second half was as usual. We were running out of air, and the lack of stamina combined with the lack of team play & tactics resulted in a quite bad result. Siemens scored various goals, long-range, short-range, penalty, it was quite humiliating especially as they are not a super strong team. We also managed to score two more times, but overall we missed at least 5-6 big chances.

FC Siemens Schweiz vs FC VBZ: 7-3 (1-1) – match report

What’s next? We need to continue building this team, signing new players and then starting to form them into a team. We need to have players who are tactically disciplined and also have enough lungs for the whole match. But for now, we will start the summer break (still with trainings, hopefully).

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