Starting XI vs FC Credit Suisse

Today we will play with the team that is second last on the table – we are last. If we don’t win now, well, it’s hard to believe when will we win then.

End of the SFFS Senior – Group 1 table:

  • 7. FC Kuma 1975, 2 games, 1 point, 5:9
  • 8. FC Credit Suisse, 2 games, 0 points, 5:12
  • 9. FC VBZ, 3 games, 0 points, 3:20
  • 10. SIX Group (DSQ)

Line-up (4-2-3-1): Kleber โ€“ Krzysztof, Peter (c), Eugen, Laszlo โ€“ Florian, Yemi โ€“ Tobi, Brani, Zoltan โ€“ Adam






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