3 games in 8 days

FC VBZ will see a very tough week starting today. This evening we will play against FC ZKB in Sonnenberg. Then on Friday we will go to Eichrain to play against FC Credit Suisse. And then next Tuesday we finish the “financial services” football week by playing with FC ZΓΌrich-Gruppe again in Sonnenberg.

Predictions against FC ZKB? Last time we played with FC ZKB was the closing match of 2019. I was injured before the starting whistle, so the coach moved me to the striker position (where obviously there is no requirement to run). We were only 11, still, we scored a goal (Balazs, assisted by me) and were leading 1:0 at halftime. But then they scored an equalizer, Denes got injured, and we lost 1:4 at the end. Before that, we had an amazing 6-8 against them when we were leading 4-3 at halftime but then destroyed by them (and the referee) in the second half. It’s time for a revenge!






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