FC Kuma 1975 vs FC VBZ 2-6

What a game it was yesterday! We were greeted by pouring rain, the kind of weather when one would prefer to stay at home, nestled among pillows, watching their favorite series while sipping on a cup of mulled wine. Instead, we braved the elements and showed up in decent numbers (with 5 substitutes) – and got soaked.

The opponent was well ahead of us in the league table, but that didn’t deter us, just as it didn’t when we knocked out UBS just last week. Our plan was to keep the ball, support each other, build up confidently, and if we ever found ourselves in trouble at the back, just send the ball forward to the strikers.

The match had barely begun when we took the lead (ลukasz). The slippery ball tricked the opponent multiple times, resulting in a rather comical second goal (Lewis), which was almost nothing compared to the third goal, where even a Kuma player touched the ball before their own goal. Just before the end of the first half, we found success from distance as well (Peter D.).

Even in the first half, we made several substitutions so that everyone could enjoy the beautiful football weather or, more precisely, the favorable result for us. Although team cohesion was slightly disrupted, we managed to score twice in the first ten minutes after the break (Erdjan, Ameen). Towards the end of the match, the opponent managed to find their footing a bit and scored two consolation goals, but it didn’t change the outcome of the game – a dominant victory and a place on the podium (for now).

Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909620






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