FC ZKB vs FC VBZ 2-2

Yesterday the new season started. Our first match was against FC ZKB, on their home ground which used to be also our home ground (Sportanlage Sonnenberg).

We were not able to collect a strong team with a meaningful bench, at the end we only had one substitute player who was partially injured. This didn’t help our trainer to have proper tactics and opportunities to change the formation during the match. For the first time for a while, we started with three defenders (Artem in the middle), a 5-man-strong midfield, and two attackers. The idea was to be compact, get into defending from the midfield when needed, try to stop most of the attacks before they get too close to our goal.

The game started well. We communicated well with each other, had also some good passing, especially the long balls from Cillian. We had some chances while ZKB did not really put much pressure on us. The game was good, we felt that we are controlling it quite well. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, we made a mistake on the left side after a throw in, and with a quick counter attack, ZKB had the lead. Quite embarrassing goal, but we didn’t change our approach and kept our motivation, too. The first half ended with ZKB leading 1-0.

During the break, we talked about continuing playing as before, playing simple balls, pushing our defensive line up to make them nervous when they are having the ball.

Soon after the match restarted, we got a free kick from a close range on the right side. Peter stood behind the ball and put the ball to the top right corner – a goal that reminded us Ronaldinho’s historic goal against Seaman during WC 2002’s ENG vs BRA game. Well done! Just a few minutes later, Peter had another free kick and hit the post. And again right after that, one of the ZKB players’ hand touched the ball in the penalty area. Penalty! Guiseppe was very nervous (he said so), but he managed to convert the penalty to a goal and we took the lead!

At the middle of the second half, ZKB got a controversial penalty that they turned into an equalizer. Afterwards, in the remaining time, both teams had chances (we had bigger ones), but the score didn’t change anymore. 2-2 was the end result.

Well done, players, let’s continue like this!

Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3909610






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