FC VBZ – Football Club Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich

  • End of season 2022/23

    With the match that didn’t even happen (FC Sporting VBAU 93 vs FC VBZ), our season ended last week. It makes sense to have a very quick look back to this season and see what could happen next season. Looking at the table, it is very similar to last year, finishing 9th with 5 won…

  • FC UBS AG vs FC VBZ 3-1

    Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3707304

  • FC VBZ vs Zürich-Gruppe 0-3

    Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3707309

  • FC VBZ vs FC ZKB 4-2

    Another match, another victory. Well done, team! Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&v=2063&tg=3707283

  • FC VBZ vs FC Kuma 1975 7-2

    Amazing result, well done! Match report: https://matchcenter.fvrz.ch/default.aspx?oid=11&lng=1&ln=&v=2063&tg=3707293

  • FC VBZ vs SC Sika 4-1

    What a game on Friday! In terrible weather, with only one substitute, playing with a team that is in front of us on the table and won 4-1 against us a few months ago – not a promising start. But then, right after the start, Tobi W scored our first goal, and soon after Johnny…

  • New year, new kits

    Thanks to our new sponsor, transfair, we will play in new kits starting already tomorrow. To celebrate our collaboration and the start of the new season, we had a great photoshooting event in the VBZ Zentrum Altstetten.

  • Our games this season

    Spring is slowly arriving (hopefully not just on the calendar, but also in the weather), and with it the championship continues. We have these matches from spring to summer: FC VBZ vs SC Sika, March 31 (Friday) 20:00 SC Dow CH vs FC VBZ, April 15 (Saturday) 10:15 FC VBZ vs FC Kuma 1975, April…

  • Merry Christmas!