Always 1-6

Even though the match started well, we were down 0-3 at halftime. In the second half Adam scored a very nice goal, but they again scored three times.

FC Credit Suisse vs FC VBZ 6-1 (3-0)

What was wrong? Well, the preparation was not good, we had injuries, and because of that we were only 11, without substitutes – that’s not good for a team without fitness. We played with 3 players at the back, on our level playing like that is not easy, wingbacks from the midfield can’t come back on time which means the attacking side is always 4v3 or 2v1 on the sides. On the midfield we were not aggressive enough, no tackles, no interceptions. We were not able to combinate the game and have multiple passes, the only time we had more than 4 passes was before our goal. Probably the worst was the kickoffs when we literally lost all balls. We could go from our defensive half to attacking around 10 times during the match while the other side had at least 50 attacks, finishing half of those with a shot. This is something to improve.

But to also mention positive signs, even though we had no subs, our team was able to run until the final whistle. There was no blaming, we tried to support each other throughout the entire match. It’s important to recognize also a few players who did well.

Krzysztof was simply great. He run a lot, he was able to get from the left to the right side in no time. He made a lot of tackles, even sliding ones. Without him the result would have been much worse.

Eugen also played well. He had many clearings, he was able to stop multiple attacks. He was also calm with the ball, passed to teammates well. Compared to his age, he was great.

Last but not least, Kleber was magnificent. He literally saved us from a terrible result, without him we could have conceded a dozen or more goals. He was very definite with his legs, very quick to rush out from the box, and he made multiple times great Robinson saves (flying in the air). It was great to have him in the back, and he kept us motivated with his words. Man of the match!


Again 1:6

Next time it will be better! This time: FC VBZ vs FC ZKB 1:6


Slightly tighter defeat

It doesn’t look good either, but we scored again, we found a new goalkeeper, and after the last time (8) we conceeded less (6) goals. The trend is improving!

Official result: FC Siemens Schweiz – FC VBZ 6-1 (4-1)


First match, first defeat

Yesterday we had our first match against FC Sporting ZH, a new team with some familiar faces from the past. The result is not good (1-8, 0-5 at halftime), but there were definitely some positive signs:

  • Adam scored on his debut game
  • Nobody got injured
  • We have found a great goalkeeper
  • There were some parts of the game (especially in the second half) when our game was looking really good

We started with a 3-5-2 formation, but then we switched to 4-4-1-1. Beside the people mentioned below (starting line-up), Krzysztof, Mateusz, and Branislav were used as substitutes.

Official result: FC VBZ – FC Sporting ZH 1-8 (0-5)


Result of the last match in 2019

The last match of this year summarized very well the struggles we had throughout the whole season. 11 players only, no substitutes, injuries before and during the match, unfair penalty and free kick, losing the 2nd half after winning the first one.

The best part of the game was the 1st half: nice attacks, good passing, strong defending, scoring a goal after a counter attack. And then the 2nd half with Denes’ injury and the rest – let’s forget it. We wish you a quick recovery, Denes!

Th 14.11.2019 20:00
FC VBZ (SFFS Sen.) 1
FC ZKB (SFFS Sen.) 4
Sonnenberg, Zürich (Oberer Heuelsteig 30)


Defeat, but good match!

Yesterday night we played in the Senior Cup quarter final against FC UBS AG. The game started surprisingly well, with two quick goals – both scored by Xhelal – we took the lead. Unfortunately UBS were able to come back to the game, at half time they were already ahead of us. In the second half they scored three more goals as we got more and more tired. But what was very promising: good new players and good structure within the team. Well done, guys!

Fr 01.11.2019 20:00
FC VBZ (SFFS Sen.) 2
SFS – Senioren – Cup – 1/4 – Final


No game today


Finally, we won!

After so many matches, we won! We controlled the game throughout the whole match, creating at least 10 big chances. Towards the end of the first half, Agron scored. In the second half we even gave more throttle, and Labi scored, and right before the end Agron got his second goal in. Good game!

Mo 21.10.2019 18:45
SIX Group (SFFS Sen.) 0
FC VBZ (SFFS Sen.) 3