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  • FC Kuma 1975 vs FC VBZ 4-1

    We lost another game yesterday. But what a huge difference in terms of the game compared to last Friday! We started the match with the usual formation (4-4-1-1) but with some new players in new positions. The idea of having fast, more offensive players playing back seemed good, but Kuma scored very quickly two goals, […]

  • FC VBZ vs SC Dow CH 0-2

    We had our first home league match yesterday in Sportanlage Au, which is our new “home” from this season. Long story short: we lost, 0-0 at half time, 0-2 at the end. First half: I’m not overstating that this half was the luckiest 40 minutes in the history of FC VBZ. SC Dow CH had […]

  • SC Sika vs FC VBZ 4-1

    Yesterday, the new league season started for us. Our first game was against SC Sika. If you check the result, it seems like an uneven game where we had no chance at all. But during the game it was a bit different. The first 20 minutes were good, they had no major chances, we played […]

  • FC VBZ is looking for motivated people with football experience

    Players who would like to join our senior (30+) team, get in touch with us! Coaches: Tobias Jaberg, 079 587 76 98 Eugen Looser, 078 842 71 14 Trainings: every Wednesday from 20:30 to 22:00, Sportanlage Hardhof right at the tram stop. The home games take place on Fridays at 20:00 in the Sportanlage Au […]

  • FC Sporting VBAU 93 vs FC VBZ 5-3 (cup)

    Match report:

  • Pay your membership fee

    Season 2022/23 will start tomorrow with a cup match against FC Sporting VBAU 93. But new season also means something else… Please don’t forget to pay your club membership fee! Active members (players) have to pay 250 CHF per year, passive members (supporters) pay 30 CHF. You can also find the necessary details in case […]

  • Small 94. GA meeting

  • Matches in the next season (2022/23)

    On the FVRZ website, the match plan has been published, please take a look:

  • FC Siemens Schweiz vs FC VBZ 3-5

    Yesterday evening was the last match of the season. We were playing against Siemens in Juchhof 2. Even though the game started at 19:30, it was very hot and sunny. Tobi won the toss-up and decided to choose which direction to attack – we had the sun behind us, so the opposite goalkeeper had troubles […]

  • FC VBZ vs FC UBS AG 3-2

    Match report: