Matches in 2020

Here is the current plan about the second half of the 2019/20 season.

Sat 04.04.2020 13:00 – Zürich-Gruppe vs FC VBZ (Brunau)

Tue 21.04.2020 20:00 – FC VBZ vs FC Siemens Schweiz (Sonnenberg)

Thu 23.04.2020 20:00 – FC ZKB vs FC VBZ (Sonnenberg)

Tue 05.05.2020 20:00 – FC VBZ vs FC Credit Suisse (Sonnenberg)

Sat 09.05.2020 10:15 – SC Dow CH vs FC VBZ (Horgen)

Tue 19.05.2020 20:00 – FC VBZ vs FC UBS AG (Sonnenberg)

Mon 25.05.2020 19:30 – FC Kuma 1975 vs FC VBZ (Juchhof 1)

Tue 09.06.2020 20:00 – FC VBZ vs SIX Group (Sonnenberg)

Looks like quite challenging, especially when we will have two matches within a week.

Result of the last match in 2019

The last match of this year summarized very well the struggles we had throughout the whole season. 11 players only, no substitutes, injuries before and during the match, unfair penalty and free kick, losing the 2nd half after winning the first one.

The best part of the game was the 1st half: nice attacks, good passing, strong defending, scoring a goal after a counter attack. And then the 2nd half with Denes’ injury and the rest – let’s forget it. We wish you a quick recovery, Denes!

Th 14.11.2019 20:00
FC VBZ (SFFS Sen.) 1
FC ZKB (SFFS Sen.) 4
Sonnenberg, Zürich (Oberer Heuelsteig 30)

Defeat, but good match!

Yesterday night we played in the Senior Cup quarter final against FC UBS AG. The game started surprisingly well, with two quick goals – both scored by Xhelal – we took the lead. Unfortunately UBS were able to come back to the game, at half time they were already ahead of us. In the second half they scored three more goals as we got more and more tired. But what was very promising: good new players and good structure within the team. Well done, guys!

Fr 01.11.2019 20:00
FC VBZ (SFFS Sen.) 2
SFS – Senioren – Cup – 1/4 – Final

New week, two matches

Next week will be special. On Tuesday we will play with FC ZKB. They are 7. while we are 8. in the league, so we definitely have a chance like last time.

Tue 29.10.2019 20:00 (Sonnenberg)

Then on Friday we have a cup game against FC UBS AG. They are the 1. in the league.

Fri 01.11.2019 20:00 (Adliswil)

Finally, we won!

After so many matches, we won! We controlled the game throughout the whole match, creating at least 10 big chances. Towards the end of the first half, Agron scored. In the second half we even gave more throttle, and Labi scored, and right before the end Agron got his second goal in. Good game!

Mo 21.10.2019 18:45
SIX Group (SFFS Sen.) 0
FC VBZ (SFFS Sen.) 3